4. mailako barnetegia

4. mailakoak euskal girotze barnetegian egon dira eta ikusi zein ondo pasatu duten!



Our city is sunny, in our city people live happily. In our city the buses are red and big.
The Hospital is on the right. Our city has got three houses but very big. In our city the football stadium is not very big. The river goes through the park. Next to the river there is a small pond with fish. In our city, people like to play with kites.

 There is a green tree, it has apples. I can see three mountains with snow and grass and there is sky, clouds, air plane and the sun. In the floor there is a pond and in the pond there are three yellow ducks.
I can see a little house, it has two windows and one door.
There are four people on a bridge and there is a river.

It’s sunny and very hot .In the desert live snakes, camels and lots of plants, and there are few houses .In the sky there are lots of stars .In the desert there are also bones and fos

I can see planets, there is a comet and a black whole. There is a space ship and a U.F.O.
There is a moon, there is an alien and a nebulose.

In the landscape we can see rubbish, one dolphin, sky, different colour fish, clouds, rocks, algae, eels and a gold box. The sky is blue but it’s dusk. The clouds are little. In the gold box there is a lot of gold